3 generations of family farmers


From humble beginnings in 1962, when Karl Dorsing won 160 acres of prairie-land in central Washington State through a state-sponsored lottery, the Dorsing family has grown into one of the largest tart cherry growers in Western United States.

Today, Dorsing Farms continues to farm in Washington’s fertile Columbia Basin. Now under third-generation family management, the farm has grown to over 2,500 acres planted in conventional and certified organic tart and sweet cherries, blueberries, raspberries, tree fruits and other crops.

Royal Ridge Fruits was born in 2009 to ensure that the premium quality fruits grown on Dorsing Farms were processed into equally premium fruit ingredients for regional, national, and global food manufacturers, as well as packaged dried fruit products for retailers’ store brands.

By vertically integrating-from the farm to finished, ready –to-ship frozen and dried fruits-Royal Ridge Fruits primary focus and control on quality, consistency, food safety, and customer service are embedded in every step of the production process.

Featured Products

PremiumDriedFruitsPremium Dried Fruits

Ingredients of choice for food manufacturers of ready-to-eat and hot cereals, granola, baked goods, fruit & nut bars, trail mixes, and other products.

FrozenFruitsFrozen Fruits

Our Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) tart cherries and blueberries are perfect for manufacturers producing fruit pies and muffins, dairy products, fruit smoothies and other foods and beverages that burst with fruit flavor!

OrganicFruitsOrganic Fruits

Ingredient-of-choice for food manufacturers of certified organic read-to-eat and hot cereals, granola, baked goods, fruit & nut bars, trail mixes, and other products.

DriedFruitCoatedDried Fruit coated in dark chocolate & yogurt

Royal Ridge Fruits are professionally panned to perfectly coat the fruit with rich dark chocolate, or creamy Greek yogurt.